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        AP is an independent, non-profit think-and-do tank with the primary objective of reflecting and speaking out on political, socio-economic, cultural and geopolitical issues and challenges related to Africa and its diaspora in a world in flux. We welcome any fruitful cooperation with African and non-African institutions and organisations. We are one of very few African and Afro-diasporic organisations that does not accept external funding or donations for its work and projects.

        Our Mission

        AP has built its raison d'être on the valorisation of plurality and the confrontation of ideas and opinions. Consequently, its core mission is to objectively and credibly inform, advise and empower African peoples and institutions as well as foreign institutions active on the continent, on the challenges facing Africa for which it must find lasting solutions.

        Our Vision

        In the medium and long term, AP aims at making a significant contribution to the research and development of sustainable ideas and lines of thought to help tackle major challenges faced by Africa, particularly in the political, socio-economic, security and geopolitical spheres.


        AP is open to any individual or legal entity convinced by its rationale and who shares its mission and vision. In this spirit of openness, AP facilitates, encourages and reinforces the exchange of ideas and networking between members and any individual or legal entity wishing to actively contribute to the achievement of its goal. You can join the platform by briefly stating your motivation for being part of AP by emailing

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