Africa Politicum advisory board for African scholars on residence permit concerns in Bayreuth

    The idea of establishing this advisory board emerges from the different bureaucratic experiences most of African students and scholars have been doing with the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigner’s Office) in Bayreuth. Whereas some African scholars and students can report good interactions with this institution, other have been going through unfortunate troubles. In both cases, information flow and how it is understood and treated at different stages plays a decisive role in the positive or negative outcome of the whole residence permit issuing process. The board capitalises on fortunate and challenging experiences and seeks to transform both into opportunities that can help better negotiate our relations with the Foreigner’s Office on residence permit and visa matters. It operates interactively and keeps open ears to all concerns in this particular respect and provide the steadily growing African scholars’ and students’ (newcomers and old ones) community in Bayreuth with useful and accurate information (in English, French, and other non-European languages). However, and it is important to note, the board is also opened to non-African students and scholars willing to cooperate or get involved in its activities. The board runs discussion spaces in form of seminars, and workshops where the participants can be introduced to and exchange on, for instance, the broad Aufenthaltsgesetz (the German residence law). Please join our get together (“Visa-Stammtisch” every last Friday of the month) to socialise and exchange on issues related to and that go beyond visa concerns. For questions, constructive comments, suggestions and interest to join please reach out to [email protected]

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