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    Burning Issues (BI) is an arena where students and scholars from Africa and beyond, irrespective of academic background, meet up and address topical socio-political and economic issues related to Africa. Beyond its primary objective, BI shall be a space where participants can network, share experiences and innovatively reflect on the current challenges faced by African countries and citizens in and outside the continent. Participants can join BI as speakers for a topic of their choice, chair a discussion roundtable, or simply get involved as an active discussant. Participants are more than welcome to invite internal or external guest speakers. Feel free to set the agenda for the next BI session by proposing a burning topic to discuss or ask any questions by sending an email to [email protected]

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    March 27, 2021
    La délivrance de l’extrait B3 du casier judiciaire en ligne en un temps record (72 heures), la disponibilité de la carte nationale biométrique dans le cadre du projet ANIP, E-visa, coopération bilatérale étroite avec l’Estonie, reconnue pour son avancée et...
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