Catheline Bosibori

    Abdellah Idhssaine

    Catheline Bosibori is Kenyan Ph.D. student in the department of African History
    at Bayreuth University. She is also a BIGSAS junior fellow since November
    2020. She is an accredited member of FemWise Africa and a full member of the
    Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK). Her research interests are
    African History, focusing on women, violence, security, and terrorism in East
    Africa. My Ph.D. topic is "Women Fighters in Kenya; 1952- 2019". Catheline
    holds a master's degree in History (Hons) from Kenyatta University; and a
    bachelor's degree in education (History and CRE) from the same institution–
    valedictorian student class of July 2014.
    As part of my professional experience, Catheline has worked in different
    capacities: Speaker KAAD African Parliament (2021 to date), BIGSAS Junior
    fellow representatives Winter semester (2021/2022), Program manager Eastern
    African youth Empowerment forums for Peace and Security (2021 to date)
    research assistant under RECSA in collaboration with Hekima Institute of Peace
    Studies and International Relations (2015/2016), Lecturer at Kiriri Women
    University of Science and Technology, Kenya (2018-2019), a Graduate Assistant
    at Kenyatta, Kenya University (2015-2017).

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